Thursday, September 25, 2008

No picture for this one

I worked for Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina for nearly four years before being canned because the Executive Director wanted an Executive Secretary (who promptly learned to forge his signature and absconded with over $10,000 before she was caught -- but that's another story). This man was a Republican who thought Reagan was a genius and that Nixon was persecuted. He did rather well by doing good: got the Board to double his salary by handpicking the members, had all vehicle expenses paid and pressured me and the homeowners to buy into his wife's Excel phone plan. He felt that he earned his due and more by getting white people into Habitat houses, and spoke of the black homeowners as "those people".


Loren said...

I'm assuming that you're going to be voting for McCain and Palin, then?

Nice to see you posting again.

Ok, then said...

No indeed, I will not, no need to tease!

Thanks for noticing the posts. It's been a while, hasn't it?